Raging bull! Can Rhona temper Pierce’s anger? Emmerdale’s Zoe Henry thinks so

Rhona won’t give up on her new fella, Pierce, despite the fact that he is losing the plot big time. Emmerdale star Zoe Henry reveals all...

Rhona Kirk loves Pierce Harris, but not his nasty temper… When he turns on her she runs to her ex, Paddy. Is that a smart move? Zoe Henry tells Soaplife what happens.

Why does Pierce blow up?
“It’s over some flowers sent to Rhona from a mysterious ‘P’. Pierce didn’t send them and he thinks Paddy [Dominic Brunt] did and goes berserk.”

How is Rhona getting along with Paddy?
“They’re rubbing along nicely and they’re being civil to one another. For Rhona, it makes sense for them to get along as they work together, so they have to maintain a certain level of professionalism.”

Who sent the flowers to Rhona?
“Liv [Isobel Steele]. She thinks Rhona should be with Paddy. Pierce [Jonathan Wrather] falls for it and he’s very aggressive to Liv publicly. Rhona has to calm him down and say, ‘This is a child…’ It does scare her a bit.”

Why does she confide in Paddy?
“She’s concerned by Pierce’s behaviour, although there’s an element of him that is very protective and she likes that. His temper does make her feel anxious, but she doesn’t quite see it in the same light as Paddy, who’s worried for her safety.”

Then Pierce disappears, leaving her a goodbye letter…
“And she’s gutted. She kicks herself for not seeing the signs.”

What happens next?
“Paddy tricks Pierce into returning and he says he’s going to get counselling. He seems really committed to sorting himself out and he’s heartbroken he’s behaved so badly. Rhona’s reassured. She’s in love with him and she has no intention of leaving him.”

Doesn’t she think he might be dangerous?
“She can see there’s an underlying insecurity there, but there would be as his wife, Tess, had an affair. Rhona wants to help him get out of that and she believes they’re going to get through it. She thinks she can manage his temper and it will be okay because they love each other.”

Emmerdale, ITV


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