Emmerdale’s Tom Lister insists Carl’s not cheating with Eve right now, but he’s not ruling it out for ever!

Carl and Chas were so loved up… What’s gone wrong?
“Chas is so preoccupied with Aaron that Carl feels left out. He wants Chas to be the way she used to be.”

And how did she used to be?
“Things with Chas used to be exciting and fun. Now she just frets about Aaron. They don’t have many laughs any more.”

Is fun the attraction with Eve?
“Yeah – and the flirtiness. Eve is a very attractive girl. She reminds Carl of the way Chas used to be – the revealing clothes, the banter and the way she’s very open and honest about what she wants.”

What she seems to want is Carl…
“She does indeed – and it’s very flattering. They’ve been flirting and teasing each other for a while. There was chemistry between them at Jimmy’s stag night,
then they almost kissed at the wedding. They’ve been spending more and more time together at work and he knows very well where it’s going.”

Does he want things to go further?
“For once Carl starts being sensible. He even takes on a long-distance driving job to put some distance between Eve and himself. The memory of the disaster that was his marriage to Lexi is still fresh in his mind and he doesn’t want to mess up again. Things may not be great with Chas, but he doesn’t want to lose her. He tells Eve it’s been fun, but he’s with Chas.”

What’s Eve’s reaction?
“She’s confident she’ll be able to change his mind and asks if she can come on the trip, too. Carl says no. If he gave her the least bit of encouragement he knows she’d be in the lorry cab with her bag packed.”

So he’s not tempted to cheat on Chas with Eve?
“Not tempted enough. He still regards Chas as the love of his life and he’s decided to stay faithful to her – at least for now…”

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