‘Carly makes a big Emmerdale entrance,’ says Gemma Atkinson

Emmerdale newcomer Gemma Atkinson talks about Bob’s estranged daughter Carly’s arrival in a wedding dress…

When did Carly last see Bob?
“She hasn’t seen Bob [Tony Audenshaw] since she was 16 – or heard from him. Her mum and brother have moved to Australia so she’s been alone.”

Is her mum coming to the wedding?
“No, she hasn’t seen her mum for four years.”

Who is she marrying?
“Her fiance is a millionaire. It’s her fifth engagement and Bob tries to talk her out of it.”

What are her feelings towards Bob?
“She resents Bob’s current family and the fact that she has missed out on so much through no fault of her own – because her dad has been selfish.”

What does Carly do for a job?
“She is skint and asks Bob for a loan, but he refuses. She sells stuff out of the back of a van. Some of the ways she tries to make money are not legal or clever and as a result, a few people in the village get angry with her.”

How does she get on with Bob and the family?
“She causes trouble between herself and Bob and Brenda [Lesley Dunlop].”

How long are you in the show for?
“As long as they’ll have me. It’s been amazing so far.”

Will there be any romance for Carly?
“There are a few potentials, but first I would like to see her make amends with her dad.”