Carly shocks Marlon by revealing how she truly feels about him says Emmerdale’s Gemma Atkinson

Ever since Carly and Marlon slept together in Emmerdale, Carly has been keeping her distance from Marlon and April - and then she tells him how she really feels about him

Emmerdale’s Gemma Atkinson tells Soaplife how Carly and Marlon look set to go their separate ways, until she admits her true feelings!

So, what are Carly’s true feelings for Marlon?
“She’s proper fallen for Marlon [Mark Charnock] but she’s really confused. She’s scared the friendship will be ruined. She’s also fearful of being knocked back. She’s struggling to pluck up the courage to tell him how she really feels.”

What does April think is going on between them?
“She’s really smart and she’s clocked on to the fact Carly and Marlon haven’t been acting the way they usually do. She keeps telling Marlon how much she likes Carly.”

Then Carly says she can’t look after April any more, doesn’t she?
“Yes. Basically, Carly can’t be around Marlon as she has such strong feelings for him. She’d rather not be there, so she decides to quit babysitting April [Amelia Flanagan]. The little girl is distraught. She thinks it’s something she did.”

What does Marlon think?
“Marlon says it’s the right decision, but he regrets it. He’s disappointed it has come to this.”

Carly makes out she’s moved on, though, by flirting with Pete, doesn’t she?
“Yes. She wants to make herself feel better. She’s trying to distract herself and convince herself there are other guys out there who find her attractive. But Belle [Eden Taylor-Draper] goes missing when she’s getting ready and she cancels her date with Pete [Anthony Quinlan] to be there for Marlon.”

And they get closer, don’t they?
“Yes. Marlon falls over and he pulls a muscle in his groin and he can’t walk, so Carly has to carry him home. That breaks the ice and gets them both laughing again.”

Does this mean their friendship is back on?
“Yes. The fact they can be in the same room again is great and Carly says she’ll babysit for April again, so they’re moving in the right direction.”

So much so that Carly tells Marlon how she really feels!
“And I’d really like it to work out. Marlon’s different to every guy she has been with. He’s genuine, stable and caring. Nobody in her life has been like that before. Even her dad, Bob [Tony Audenshaw] wasn’t around.”

Emmerdale, ITV

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