Emmerdale star Emma Atkins reveals Charity Dingle shocks Vanessa Woodfield with a horrifying secret from her past… but what is it?

Charity Dingle isn’t known for her soft centre, so Tracy Metcalfe is surprised when she offers support after her blackmailer Phil Webb is sentenced. Emmerdale actress Emma Atkins explained why to Soaplife and how it prompts Charity to tell Vanessa Woodfield a secret from her past…

What’s the story?

Tracy’s experience resonates with Charity, and Vanessa finds out why when Charity opens up and describes a horrific event that happened when she was a teenager. “We find out why Charity is the way she is,” actress Emma Atkins reveals. “Vanessa is shocked by what she hears.” What is Charity’s secret?

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Emma Atkins’ interview with Soaplife about Charity Dingle’s shocking secret…

Soaplife: How are things between Charity and Vanessa?

Emma Atkins: “Well. Charity enjoys Vanessa’s company and words of wisdom. She’s really gone for it and I think as a result, we are seeing a softer side to Charity. She’s often been the unkind one in a relationship, but has found herself being a bit nicer. She can’t believe it!”

S: Why does she tell Vanessa her secret?

EA: “Charity is used to playing strange power games, but Vanessa has refused to do this. Nobody has spoken to her before the way that Vanessa does. In her she has found somebody genuinely kind and loving who she trusts enough to open up to.”

S: What do you think about this new twist to Charity’s story?

EA: “It’s an amazing opportunity for me as an actress to be given something so brilliantly written. Charity’s secret is part of a double episode and it’s so delicately written. I am as nervous as hell as it’s delving really deeply into her history.”

S: How difficult will it be for Charity now she has told Vanessa her secret?

EA: “Put it this way, it’s not as if it comes out in one episode and then it’s dealt with. It’s an ongoing trauma for Charity. I knew she had an ugly past, but I didn’t know how bad it was. It explains why she pushes people away and does catastrophic things.”

S: Would you like Charity’s relationship with Vanessa to continue?

EA: “It would be a shame for it not to have some purpose or meaning. I think Charity is shocked by how deeply her feelings run for Vanessa. She thought it was a bit of fun, but she is really loving her company. She has put men on hold for the time being. None of her relationships have worked, but this has really sprung up from nowhere.”