‘Charity forces Ross to go on the rob again,’ says Emmerdale’s Michael Parr

Ross has been keeping his nose clean lately – but Charity quickly rubs it in the dirt again, reveals Michael Parr

What has Charity got on Ross?
“She knows he shot Robert. Ross isn’t surprised as Charity’s good at finding things out about people. It’s frustrating for Ross, because he did that when he was in a dark place and he’s been trying to walk away from it. She has got the ace card, which means she’s the boss…at the moment.”

What does Charity want from Ross?
“She’s after raising a large amount of cash and she makes him rob a very fancy jewellery shop. He isn’t on his own, though. He goes with baby Moses. He doesn’t want to take him, but nobody else is willing to look after him.”

How does that work for him?
“It looks as if it might go wrong, but Charity [Emma Atkins] steps in and helps him get away with it. She wants to get her hands on the cash, but maybe she sees the opportunity for a little business arrangement.”

Is Ross a match for Charity?
“She’s much darker and smarter than Ross, but they make a good partnership. There’s lot of money to be made and trouble to be caused by them.”

And romance?
“There’s obviously some chemistry between them as they have been there before. I can see them using each other to wind people up. They’d probably have sex just to annoy Cain [Jeff Hordley].”

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