Emmerdale’s Gaynor Faye tells Soaplife that Megan is still hell-bent on getting even with Charity…

Life’s not good for Megan… Her son is about to be buried, her brother is missing, presumed dead and Charity stands to inherit Home Farm. “Megan is feeling desolate,” Gaynor tells Soaplife. “She drinks a toast with Charity to Declan’s memory – but she still wants full revenge on her sister-in-law.”

So Megan’s not coping well then?

“No. She has lost her son and her brother is missing. She has to pull herself together for the funeral as she owes it to Robbie [Jamie Shelton]. She knows he wasn’t very popular and that not many people will show up.”

Who does Megan blame for his death?

“In time, she will probably blame herself, but at the moment she thinks it’s all Charity’s fault.”

Does she think Declan (Jason Merrells) is still alive?

“It’s not looking good as they’ve called off the search, but Megan’s clinging to hope. She thinks that until there is a body, Charity had better keep her doors locked. She certainly won’t let Charity think she has given up on him.”

Charity (Emma Atkins) and Megan will never be friends, will they?

“Charity has taken everything from Megan and there is too much water under the bridge… But there is a slight moment where they are united in their grief for Declan, but it’s very short-lived.”

How come Charity inherits everything?

“Declan signed a pre-nup to protect Charity – even though Megan urged him to sign one to protect himself. So she is set to get everything – the business, the estate, the house –  and there is nothing that Megan can do about it as she signed away her share.”

So what’s keeping Megan in the village?

“Jai [Chris Bisson] and her business with Leyla [Roxy Shahidi] – she has no idea that the pair of them have been cheating behind her back. If she leaves, it would be a fresh start for her, but all her memories of Robbie and Declan are in the village…”

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