Emmerdale’s Emma Atkins says Charity wants a man with money… and hints it could even be Cain!

How did Charity feel when Debbie and Cain pitched up at her wedding to Michael?

“I think it’s fair to say that everyone present was confused and horrified.”

Now Michael’s dumped both Charity and Debbie…

“Michael didn’t want to marry Charity and doesn’t want to be with Debbie either… Not when he realises whose daughter she is.”

Charity told Michael she was pregnant. Is she really?

“No. She told him she was pregnant because she suspected he was seeing another woman and would call off the wedding.”

How does it feel knowing the ‘other woman’ is her own daughter?

“It makes the discovery much worse. Charity was jealous – especially when she witnessed the chemistry between Michael and Debbie.”

Did Charity love Michael?

“She was never madly in love with Michael, but they’d been together for several years and he’s the only father Noah’s ever known. Michael provided security. Charity blames Debbie for ruining her plans.”

Yet Debbie helps her do a runner when she can’t pay her hotel bill…

“Charity’s penniless as Michael’s stopped all her credit cards and her car is towed away. Charity and Noah have no option, but to accept Debbie’s plea to return to the village and stay with her and Cain. There’s a lot of hurt and anger between mother and daughter but also a gallon of love.”

Is Charity at all happy to be back in the village?

“Absolutely not! She really thought Emmerdale was history for her. And being back brings back a lot of very bad memories.”

Cain being one of them?

“Yes and no… Nothing’s ever simple where Charity and Cain are concerned. Her feelings for Cain are a curious mixture of love and hate.”

How does he come to dump her on the Moors?

“It happens when she suggests he still loves her. His answer is to drive off leaving her in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, Jai’s driving past later on and he rescues her.”

Carl suggests Charity is after the money Cain embezzled off the Kings. Is she?

“She might be…”

Are there no advantages to staying in Emmerdale?

“Not that Charity can see for the moment. That may change though. She’s already flirting with Jai. He’s loaded and good-looking – just what Charity likes in a man!”

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