Charity Dingle shock revenge on abuser Bails?! Emmerdale’s Emma Atkins reveals all

Emmerdale actress Emma Atkins has revealed that Charity Dingle’s childhood abuser DI Mark Bails may be about to get his comeuppance!

Charity Dingle is on the verge of publicly outing DI Mark Bails for his abuse, but will she do it? Emmerdale star Emma Atkins has revealed all to Soaplife…

What’s the story?

Charity has no qualms about taking Bails’ money, but she can’t walk away. She spends hours staring at his house and when he speaks at a conference, she stands at the back, seething.

“She can’t comprehend how he has such a lovely life,” reveals actress Emma Atkins. “He is speaking out for these women, yet he has been an abuser himself.”

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Emma Atkins’ interview with Soaplife about what Charity Dingle does next…

Soaplife: How does she feel about Bails being back in her life?

Emma Atkins: “She thought that her secret would stay buried deep within and that there would never be any need to tell another soul. It has been traumatic opening up Pandora’s box.”

Vanessa and Charity

Charity confides in Vanessa that she went to Bails’ house again

S: How important has Vanessa’s support been to her?

EA: “She has been a tremendous support, Charity was not expecting that and it has made her fall deeper for Vanessa. She has been the outlet Charity needed but never found with any other person. Vanessa is the first person she could truly trust without there being any come back.”

S: Will Charity keep quiet about Bails?

EA: “She is extremely split. Some days she feels strong enough to fight and then she doesn’t. She wonders how she can win against this man who is in the police force.”

S: Why would she take his money?

EA: “Charity deals a lot with money. It is what she uses to negotiate. She thinks that if she can’t fight this, he will win anyway. In her mind, it would be better to take the money and use it for her family and friends, but Vanessa says that she cannot do this, especially now that her sister is tied up with Bails.”

S: Why doesn’t Charity tell Tracy the truth?

EA: “She doesn’t want Tracy to know what happened to her. Charity has told Vanessa to get Tracy to stay away while Charity has warned Bails off. She thinks that between them they can keep them apart, but Tracy is still working with Bails.”

S: Why does she keep going to Bails’ house?

EA: “She develops this obsession. She can’t believe that this man who did horrible things to her, has a great life with a wife and child. PC Swirling then gives Charity a warning and tells he to stay away.”

S: What happens at the conference?

EA: “Tracy is giving a speech watched by Frank, Megan and David. Charity is stood at the back, thinking ‘what a charlatan.’ She watches and it is a case of ‘Will she or won’t she?’”

S: How have fans reacted to this story?

EA: “I have had the most fantastic feedback. They loved the day Charity opened up to Vanessa. A lot of people on Twitter have spoken about abuse they have been through and to think we might be making people feel more courageous about telling their stories is an amazing thing.”

Emmerdale continues on ITV tonight.

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