‘Charity’s back… and back to bad!’ warns Emmerdale’s Emma Atkins

Charity’s out of prison and ready to pick up where she left off… making everyone’s lives hell. Emmerdale’s Emma Atkins hints at things to come to Soaplife…

What does Charity do when she is first released?
“Rather than go home to the village she knows and the people she loves, she goes off to steal a car. It’s a bright red Ferrari and she loses control of it and ends up in the middle of a field.”

How does Cain (Jeff Hordley) come to find her?
“Well, she steps out of this car and there is Cain and Moira [Natalie J Robb] who have come to see what’s happening because some sheep have got out of the field and are blocking the road.”

How do they react?
“They are both like ‘Are you serious?’ She hasn’t been out of prison for five minutes and is already is wreaking havoc.”

What kept Charity going while she was inside?
“She’s been thinking about Cain a lot. She went into prison realising she was still in love with him and she’s had a lot of time to mull it over.”

How does she feel about Moira?
“She won’t have liked the fact that Cain has been out there in the real world, with Moira giving Charity’s son Noah [Jack Downham] a roof over his head and a lot of love.”

Will she try to win Cain back?
“Probably, but it won’t be overnight. Besides, it wouldn’t be possible at the moment as he and Moira are watertight.”

She wants to get together with Ross (Michael Parr) again. Why?
“Charity needs money fast as all her assets are tied up in the haulage business. She and Ross make a fabulous team… and it might sting Cain a bit to see Charity hook up with another partner in crime.”

What about her and Ross’ son Moses?
“Charity wants him back and will stoop quite low in an effort to do that.”

Emmerdale, ITV