Charley: ‘Debbie’s worried Cam is just like Cain!’

Emmerdale‘s Charley Webb reveals to Soaplife that having a baby is definitely NOT what Debbie wants…

The loved-up stage was short and sweet; cracks are already starting to show in Debbie’s relationship with Cameron. “She’s having doubts again, especially when she sees him flirting with Eve,” Charley tells Soaplife. “She’s back to not knowing if she can trust him.” Definitely not a good time to have to tell him she’s pregnant then!

Who are the first people Debbie confides in about being pregnant?

“Chas and her mum Charity. They’re both totally shocked because Debbie’s not excited about it. Instead she’s going, ‘I’m pregnant, it wasn’t supposed to happen, what am I going to do?'”

How does Debbie think Cameron will react?

“That’s not really her main concern. She’s so wrapped up in finding out another woman has been named in his divorce, she decides she doesn’t care about Cameron’s feelings.”

Then Carl winds her up about Cameron falling under Eve’s spell…

“Debbie hates Carl anyway. Always has done – especially after what he did to Chas. So he’s winding her up about Eve and she chucks a drink over him.”

Does she seriously suspect that Cameron’s cheating with Eve?

“Not really, but she has seen them flirting and because she now knows another woman was named on the divorce papers, she’s suspicious of Cameron.”

We know Cameron then flattens Carl and loses his job…

“Cameron’s furious with Carl for winding Debbie up. Debbie tries to convince him not to see Carl, like he wants to. But he does anyway and punches Carl – and Debbie ends up even more furious. Debbie can’t help, but think that Cameron’s turning out to be like her dad, Cain.”

Then she tells Cameron she’s pregnant. How does he react?

“He doesn’t say much at first which makes her think that definitely things aren’t right. He’s actually in shock, but Debbie has no patience with him and storms off.”

Do they decide to give it a go?

“Eventually, after a lot of talking, they do kind of sort it out and they decide to go for it.”

Can you tell us if they have future together?

“I hope so. I think they make a really good couple. He’s left his family behind which is a massive, massive thing to do. Cameron’s been very upset about that – it wasn’t an easy thing to do. Debbie’s been upset about it, too. It’s always going to be there in Debbie’s head – that he abandoned his kids and his wife – and Debbie feels terrible about that.”

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