‘Tom is like no one else in the village and he turns Debbie’s head,’ says Emmerdale’s Charley Webb

Debbie Dingle needs money and she reckons she can wow her sexy new contact, Tom Waterhouse! And it may not just be his money she wants either, Emmerdale’s Charley Webb tells Soaplife

Debbie Dingle’s desperate for cash, since she “lost” a Bentley that wasn’t insured. Having met newcomer Graham Foster, she knows his boss, Tom Waterhouse, is loaded and she intends to get the money from him by fair means or foul. “The business is going wrong and Debbie really needs funds,” Charley Webb told Soaplife. “However, when she meets Tom, it’s not just business she’s thinking about. There’s a chemistry there.”

So does Debbie intend to fleece Tom?
“She can be crooked, but she isn’t as bad as her mum, Charity. I like to think Debbie’s a bit nicer than that. She’s not necessarily driven by money. She certainly wouldn’t sleep with Tom [Ned Porteous] just for that. There are a few lines in the script where Charity implies Debbie’s just like her and she doesn’t like it one bit.”

What happens when Debbie meets Tom?
“She arranges to meet Graham at a hotel bar and he takes her up to the penthouse suite. Debbie has an image in her head of what she thinks Tom will be like and it’s totally removed from the truth. She enters and there’s this young, handsome man in the room dressed in a tux, so she assumes he’s the butler. He plays along for a bit before revealing his true identity.”

What does Debbie make of Tom?
“He’s unlike any other character we’ve had in the show and Debbie’s intrigued. There’s definitely a connection there. Something draws her to him, but she doesn’t really know what it is. Tom is unlike anyone else in the village. He moves in different circles and he turns her head.”

And what does Charity think of him?
“Before she meets Tom, she gets it slightly wrong. Charity has a picture of him in her head and she thinks she’ll go for him if Debbie isn’t going to! It all goes a bit wrong for her.”

Will Debbie tell on-off lover Ross Barton about Tom?
“I don’t think she’s going to be shouting about him from the rooftops to start off with. But I don’t know what happens beyond that…”

Emmerdale, ITV

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