Charley Webb: ‘Debbie hits rock bottom in Emmerdale’

Charley Webb reveals to Soaplife how Debbie realises she has pushed her luck too far when her dodgy booze leaves Belle fighting for her life in Emmerdale!

How does Belle get hold of Debbie’s vodka?
“Debbie’s stored it at the Dingles’ and is moving it when Belle appears. Debbie tells her to get lost, but later she finds Belle drunk. Debbie tells Belle to go back to her place and she’ll help her sober up, but when Debbie gets home she finds Belle unconscious and lying in a pool of vomit.”

Frightening! How does Debbie react?
“Debbie goes into a panic. She sends Sarah to get help and she brings Cameron back. Belle’s rushed to hospital. It’s serious – Belle ends up on a ventilator and the doctors warn that she could have brain damage…”

And then the family finds out it was Debbie’s booze that did this to Belle…
“Charity works it out and she and Cain are furious. Debbie feels so bad she confesses it is all her fault. As far as the Dingles are concerned, Debbie is not part of the family any more. She is now totally on her own. She’s at absolute rock bottom.”

And Robbie makes things worse!
“He tells Zak, Cain and Diane that Debbie mixed the vodka herself and made it lethal so she could make more money. It’s not true, but nobody believes her.”

Including Andy, who takes the kids!
“Debbie goes to collect Sarah and Jack from Andy’s and he shuts the door on her and keeps the kids at his place. Then she sees Robbie smirking and, in that moment, she wants to kill him.”

Cameron seems to be the only person who cares… Would Debbie go back to him?
“She’s still so in love with him I don’t think she would be able to stop herself. Her feelings for him haven’t changed…”


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