Charley Webb: ‘Debbie knows she’s gone too far’

Charley Webb reveals to Soaplife how Debbie’s determination to make everyone pay for the pain Cameron caused her could come at a very high price – the loss of her children in Emmerdale!

First Cameron betrayed Debbie, now Robbie… How does she find out he’s the one who has been terrorising her?
“Charity finds out and tells her. Debbie’s not that surprised. She knows Robbie fancies her and he hangs around her so much people ask if they’re together. As if! Debbie’s been really mocking him about that and Robbie’s feeling that. The thing is, though, she was fond of him in her own way. They’d started to become friends, but he wanted more than that. Now she despises him.”

Does Debbie want to make him suffer?
“Oh, yes! Robbie made her think her life was in danger and she’s not going to let him get away with that. She gets her revenge by setting him up on a dodgy booze run then calling the cops”

And now Robbie’s angry…
“And he warns Debbie that he hasn’t finished with her. But Debbie’s not scared. She thinks that whatever Robbie does to her she can do a lot worse to him. Or so she thinks…”

Then someone reports her to Social Services as a bad mother. Who does she think did it?
“She suspects everyone… Robbie, her Dingle family, Moira… She’s worried sick that she might lose her kids. In her mind, everything she has done has been for those children, but in her heart she knows that she has been distracted. There’s no way she’s meant to neglect them, but somehow she has…”

Is this Debbie’s wake-up call?
“Yes. Debbie knows herself that she’s gone too far and almost can’t claw herself back. She just won’t drop the mask she’s put on. She thinks that if she does, everything will spiral out of control – the kids, Cameron, the lot.”

Will the old Debbie ever reappear?
“I think so. I’ve tried to maintain her vulnerability beneath the mask. Although she’s being a complete bitch right now, it’s all because she’s completely broken-hearted over Cameron. She’s simply determined that no one will ever hurt her again.”


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