Emmerdale’s Charley Webb: ‘Debbie makes a shock discovery about Tom!’

Emmerdale star Charley Webb thinks that something doesn’t add up about new lover Tom and mum Charity is about to hit her with some shock news.

Emmerdale’s Charley Webb has revealed to Soaplife that something doesn’t quite add up about Debbie’s new man Tom. The mechanic’s Dingle-senses might be a bit off when it comes to her bloke, but suspicious mum Charity is on the case!

What’s the Story?

He’s difficult to read, but it seems that Tom Waterhouse is clearly smitten with Debbie Dingle and wants their relationship to progress. The next box to tick is meeting her mother, which could be tricky as Charity doesn’t trust him a bit. “She keeps asking questions about him,” actress Charley Webb tells Soaplife. “Then she invites him to the village for the switching on of the Christmas lights.” Will Charity put the brakes on her daughter’s budding relationship?

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Charley Webb’s interview with Soaplife

Soaplife: How does Debbie feel about Tom?

Charley Webb: “She’s fallen for him. He has totally swept her off her feet and taken her out of her world. She does have a few concerns however as he is very evasive about certain things.”

SL: Is she sure of his feelings for her?

CW: “Not really, she is a bit wobbly over whether or not he’s really committed.”

SL: What does Charity think of the whole thing?

CW: “In her mind something doesn’t add up and she keeps asking Debbie questions about Tom. Debbie tries not to let it get to her and puts on a front. She’s unsure of him herself, but gets defensive when Charity quizzes her.”

SL: What happens when she invites him to the Christmas lights do?

CW: “It’s strange because he is being a bit reticent about a few things and she is not sure if he is keen on her, but then he is enthusiastic when she explains that Charity has invited him to the Christmas lights switch on. She’s really pleased about it as it will be the first time he has entered into her world.”

SL: What does Tom say when Debbie suggests he’s giving mixed signals?

CW: “He promises her that he’s serious about their relationship and she genuinely wants to believe that, but there is this tinge of doubt that keeps creeping into the back of her mind.”

SL: Is she nervous about him meeting Charity?

CW: “She is apprehensive as the Dingles are a force to be reckoned with. She’s excited though. Sarah really likes Tom and that mean a lot to Debbie.”

SL: What does Debbie think when Charity says she wants a word in private?

CW: “Initially, she doesn’t think it is anything to do with Tom, but it is and when Debbie realises what she is going to tell her, she is desperate to hear it.”

SL: Can Debbie really trust Tom?

CW: “After what happened with Cameron, she will find it hard to trust any man fully. She wants to trust him, but his behaviour doesn’t help.”

SL: Should she be worried?

CW: “I would warn her to tread carefully. I think the fact that he is buying her all those things and paying her a lot of money suggests that something doesn’t quite add up.”

SL: How does she feel about Ross now?

CW: “Those feelings have been suppressed. Tom has been a great distraction.”

SL: What do you make of Debbie’s posh look?

CW: “I prefer it when she dresses down. It’s freezing in the village and it’s much warmer when Debbie is in her overalls!”

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