Charlotte Bellamy: Laurel could have a fling!

Emmerdale star Charlotte Bellamy has suggested that her character Laurel Thomas could end up having a fling with Marlon Dingle.

The actress told Inside Soap magazine that although vicar’s wife Laurel has been married since 2005, she is getting “swept away” with feelings for her old friend.

“Laurel hasn’t fallen out of love with Ashley, but she’s slowly falling in love with Marlon,” Charlotte said.

“She is on really shaky ground. She’s falling in love with someone other than her husband, and must work out what she wants.”

Charlotte admitted that Laurel’s feelings start to become clear after Marlon begins spending more time with Rachel Breckle (Gemma Oaten) – and she is not happy.

“Laurel is overcome with jealousy at this point – she knows by then that she’s really falling for Marlon,” the actress said.

“There’s a nice little scene where they don’t say anything, but actually say everything – and it’s a moment which proves that Marlon has feelings for Laurel too.

“It looks like both of them are starting to come to terms with what’s going on here.”

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