Chelsea Halfpenny in flood of tears at Emmerdale exit

Chelsea Halfpenny has revealed how she couldn’t stop crying after filming her final scenes in Emmerdale.

The actress’s character Amy Wyatt is set to make a shock exit from the Dales when she runs away with her son Kyle, who she had previously given up for adoption.

Chelsea said of filming her last Emmerdale scenes: “It was so sad. Literally for about two hours there were just tears streaming, because obviously everyone was waving me off. I actually was on a ferry and the cast were actually down there and I couldn’t reach them. I just wanted to cuddle them, but then by the end, I’d been crying for so long that I had nothing left. There was just nothing left, it was just dry. I was exhausted.

“Me, Kelvin [Fletcher], Charlie [Hardwick] and Chris [Chittell] were sending pictures to each other of us crying. Charlie was crying on the port side.”

The actress has big plans now she has left Emmerdale and is planning to move to London.

She revealed: “I’ve got some auditions and I’m going to move to London and meet people and maybe go to some classes.

“I just want to experience the jobbing actress type of thing. Living in London was always my plan initially because I was going to go to drama school down there, so I’ve been waiting to do it. I really feel at home there.”


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