Chris: A cornered Pollard is ‘capable of anything’

Emmerdale‘s Chris Chittell reveals to Soaplife that Pollard is driven to desperate lengths when he’s accused of murder…

Pollard’s past comes back to haunt him when his late wife Elizabeth’s son Michael unexpectedly turns up and accuses him of killing her. “Pollard tells Michael he’s talking rubbish and to stay away from him or else…” says Chris. Or else what? Will he kill Michael too?

This whole drama starts with Pollard getting messages from his dead wife Elizabeth. Is there a chance she’s alive?

“No. She died on the 30 December 17 years ago, on the day the plane crashed on the village.”

But he gets a shock when he visits her grave on the anniversary of her death…

“He’s looking for clues and he’s startled by her son Michael, the stepson he hasn’t seen for nearly 17 years. Michael’s always believed Pollard murdered Elizabeth rather than her dying in the plane crash.”

Did he?

“Well she was about to shop Pollard to the police for fraud so he did have reasons for wanting her out of the way…”

We’re guessing that Michael is Pollard’s stalker then…

“He is and he’s still going on and on about Pollard killing his mother. He even tells Val and says he wants money to keep quiet.”

So what does Pollard do?

“He takes Michael on a drive to a deserted spot and confronts him with a tyre iron…”

We’re dying to know if he kills him…

“When a man like Pollard is backed into a corner he’s capable of anything.”

What happens with Val?

“Pollard tells Val the truth – that he would have killed Elizabeth but the plane beat him to it.”

Wow! Does that kill their marriage?

“I hope not. Val’s the best thing ever to happen to Pollard.”