Chris’s Emmerdale pregnancy mirrors his own life

Emmerdale star Chris Bisson is excited about being an expectant father both on and off screen.

His character, Jai Sharma, is secretly expecting a baby with cleaner Rachel Breckle following a drunken one night stand, after wife Charity said she didn’t want children with him. Meanwhile, in real life Chris’s partner Rowena Finn is pregnant with their first child, due in January.

Chris told Inside Soap magazine: “It’s more fun in real life than it is on screen. Jai’s got all these problems that I don’t have, thank goodness!

“It’s very, very exciting, and also interesting as the two pregnancies are happening at exactly the same time.

“I was desperate to tell everyone when we found out. But we were waiting to have our 12-week scan.

“Meanwhile, Jai wants to keep it quiet. I’m doing the opposite in real life to what I’m doing on television!”

Chris revealed Jai is set for more trouble when Charity starts to find out who has got Rachel pregnant.

Chris said: “I have scenes with Gemma Oaten [Rachel] and Emma Atkins [Charity] and sometimes they kind of meet in the middle.

“Inevitably that happens in the Woolpack with poor old Jai stood in the middle of the pair of them, his knees knocking together! So it’s all really good fun!”

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