‘Chrissie threatens to burn Robert alive!’ says Emmerdale’s Ryan Hawley

Ryan Hawley tells Soaplife that Emmerdale love cheat Robert is terrified when Chrissie threatens to burn him alive… 

How are things between Robert and Chrissie?
“She has kicked him out after finding out about his involvement in the raid at Home Farm, so things aren’t good. He’s living at The Woolpack where he keeps bumping into Aaron [Danny Miller], and tensions between them are boiling over.”

Does Robert want Chrissie back?
“Absolutely. He’s desperate to make amends and prove to Chrissie [Louise Marwood] he still loves her.”

If he loves her, why is he carrying on with Aaron?
“Robert wanted to be faithful to Chrissie, he was absolutely thrilled to be with her, but he met Aaron when he came to the village. The affair doesn’t change anything. He still wants to be Chrissie’s husband, but Aaron is his soulmate.”

What does Chas think about Robert’s downfall?
“She’s enjoying seeing him at rock bottom and is twisting the knife.”

What does Aaron do to try to help Robert?
“Fed up with seeing Robert every day, he decides to speak to Chrissie and convince her that Robert’s involvement in the raid was without malice. He explains he did it to make him look like the good guy to win Lawrence round.”

Do Aaron’s words sway Chrissie?
“They seem to. She comes to The Woolpack to see Robert and says they have a lot to talk about. They arrange to meet the following day, but then she overhears Robert talking to Aaron about certain things…”

And she doesn’t like what she hears?
“It’s the last straw and it sets up an exciting chain of events… We see a side to Chrissie we haven’t seen before.”

What happens when they meet up?
“Robert thinks he is going to win Chrissie round. He thinks with a bit of smooth talking, he’ll be back in there before dinner. But on their walk, she takes him to a remote place, locks him in a barn for several hours and threatens to burn him alive…”

Does she mean it?
“Robert thinks so. He fears for his life. Chrissie kind of flips…”


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