Emmerdale’s Christmas wedding: ‘Sammy and I got a bit teary during filming’

TV Times talks to Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher and Sammy Winward about their characters’ upcoming Christmas wedding on the ITV soap.

How are Katie and Andy feeling in the run up to the wedding?
Sammy: “Katie can’t wait. This really feels right. It is her third wedding and this time she knows it is meant to be. Last time, when she married Andy in 2004, she slept with Robert the night before the wedding, but this time, she is older and wiser and hopes it will be forever.”
Kelvin: “Andy is excited. He sees this as a second chance for him and Katie and is quietly confident that this will be his happy ever after.”

What could possibly go wrong?
Sammy: “Well, Robert is in the shadows trying to cause problems for them as always and I think Bernice still has feelings for Andy and makes that known. That will come as a shock.”
Kelvin: “I don’t think Andy can ever forget what Robert did to him and he is worried that he will do something to ruin things. He doesn’t want anything to go wrong – he want this to be the happiest day of his life and the thought of Robert spoiling it horrifies him.”

What can we expect from the ceremony itself?
Sammy: “Well, it is not as full on as Katie’s wedding to Declan. It’s in the village church and it’s not as grand – and fortunately, it’s not live either! There is something quite magical about it as it’s Christmas Day.”
Kelvin: “Sammy and I both got a bit teary during filming. The scenes have some lovely sentiments. The actual episode has got a bit of everything. They look back on their lives and there is such a medley of emotions. It wasn’t snowing and I wasn’t wearing tinsel or anything, but if felt very festive.”

What can you tell us about filming it?
Sammy: “It was really good fun, but very cold. I was wearing long Johns under my wedding dress, although I couldn’t get a thermal top on because it is a strapless dress. Fortunately, all the scenes I did were indoors.”
Kelvin: “I’m a Northern lad, so I don’t worry about the cold. I don’t even put a coat on between takes because I find that distracting. It affects my focus, as you dread that moment where they say ‘Jackets off please.'”

Do you two get on well in real life?
Sammy: “Kelvin and I have known each other for ever now – we are pretty much like Andy and Katie as we know each other well, we get on well and can be really honest with one another. We are always laughing and taking the Mick. He is a real gentleman, very sweet and I always wind him up. He falls for it every time.”
Kelvin: “She’ll do things like tell me that a line has been changed to something ridiculous and I’ll say ‘Honestly, have I really got to say that?’ and then she’ll laugh at me. We have a strong bond and an easy working relationship. We’re really comfortable with each other, which helps.”

Will they live happily ever after?
Sammy: “I hope so. It was me who actually suggested bringing them together again. It was ages since they broke up and I thought it would be nice to have some really emotional stuff as opposed to high-energy stunts and things like that. I was really glad when they put us back together.”
Kelvin: “Without giving too much away, there is more drama to come for them after the wedding. It is a journey and we are kind of in the middle of it. The viewers will hopefully be gripped for the next few months, not just in the days leading up to Christmas.”

What are you doing for Christmas?
Sammy: “Me and my sister go to my mum’s house and we do a big traditional Christmas. We wake up and do presents with my daughter, Mia, in the morning and my mum still does a stocking for us. It’s lovely.”
Kelvin: “I will be with my family. Our Christmas Days are like the ones I grew up with – turkey, crackers, flowing beer and sitting down as a family.  It’s one of my favourite times of year.  My youngest brother turns 18 on New Year’s Day so that is going to be a big celebration for us.”

Will you watch Katie and Andy’s wedding?
Sammy: “I will probably sit down and watch it, through my fingers! I don’t really like watching myself too much.”
Kelvin: “I don’t think I will, I have not seen much of my family and friends because I’ve been so busy and they will be my priority. I wouldn’t want to impede my time with them. TV is not something we sit down and watch together at Christmas. However, if they want to see it, I won’t stop them!”


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