Corrie’s Anne: ‘Deirdre tells Ken to choose!’

Coronation Street‘s Anne Kirkbride reveals to Soaplife that Deirdre discovers Ken’s been seeing Wendy Crozier again – the woman who came between her and Ken more than 20 years ago! Will she be the cause of divorce No 2 for Ken and Deirdre?

Deirdre thinks Ken’s at it again. Why?

“Ken was supposedly at a School Governors’ meeting, but Deirdre found out he wasn’t. When she tackles Ken it’s clear he’s lying to her. But she doesn’t know why…”

So she turns detective on Ken’s birthday…

“Yes! He says he has a meeting with headmaster Brian, but Deirdre’s instantly suspicious when she sees Ken all spruced up and wearing the new cufflinks. He claims he’s had them for years, but Deirdre’s never seen them. When she spots Ken getting into a cab she collars Rita and gets her to follow him in her car.”

And then she sees Ken with Wendy Crozier!

“Deirdre’s gobsmacked and horrified! This is the woman who ruined her marriage 20 years ago and she can’t believe she’s back in their lives. It brings all sorts of emotions flooding back for Deirdre and she starts to wonder how Ken met Wendy again – or if he ever stopped!”

What happens when Deirdre confronts Ken?

“She gives him the opportunity to come clean and, realising he’s cornered, Ken admits that he’s been with Wendy. He insists there’s nothing going on and he only met her again due to joining the School Governors, but Deirdre is furious and far from convinced of his innocence.”

So she goes to see Wendy…

“And Wendy very calmly tells Deirdre she met Ken to discuss a new biomass boiler for the school. That takes the wind out of Deirdre’s sails a bit really, but she orders Wendy to stay away from Ken. It’s a very clear warning and she hopes she’s marked her card. Then she gives Ken an ultimatum: she tells him it’s the Board of Governors or her.”

Do you think Ken and Deirdre can ever just be happy?

“At the heart of it Ken and Deirdre are destined to be together, but whether they actually ever realise that is another thing!”

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