Emmerdale’s Jamie Hope may have been acting strangely following Tom King’s murder. But that doesn’t mean he dunnit, says Alex Carter.

Jamie’s beginning to crack over being a suspect for Tom’s murder. Why is he so worried?
“I think it would worry anyone. He almost got himself into trouble with them when they questioned him the first time and since then he’s become more paranoid.”

Jamie suspects he’s being spied on, doesn’t he?
“Yes. There’s a car parked outside Connelton View and Jamie’s convinced it’s an undercover police officer watching him and Terry. Jamie goes to confront him and ends up shouting at some poor guy who’s just waiting for his wife. He should really stop being so paranoid. It would make people a lot less suspicious of him. He tells his mate Jasmine he has nothing to hide so he should start acting that way.”

Does he think Jasmine suspects him?
“He knows she’s worried about him but he doesn’t like all the questions she keeps asking. Their conversations have become more like interviews. Jamie understands she wants to do well in her new job but he just wants her to drop the subject.”

But if Jamie’s innocent, why, for instance, did he burn his clothes after Tom had been killed?
“He didn’t want anyone to know he’d been up at Home Farm. He knew if it came out it would look like he’d killed Tom.”

Did he? Did he kill Tom?
“I honestly don’t know. We’ve filmed 11 different endings – one showing each of the suspects killing Tom and one showing three suspects doing it together. None of us suspects knows – we won’t find out till the last minute.”

How exciting!
“It is, isn’t it? We all keep trying to work out who it is then changing our minds. All will be revealed in the spring…”

Are you worried it might be Jamie?
“Not really. If it does turn out to be Jamie I’ll be wondering what happens next. There are lots of possibilities apart from him ending up in jail. He may be proved innocent in court, for example.”

If Jamie did do it do you think he’d be able to live with the guilt?
“It wouldn’t be easy. He’s struggling already. But I don’t think he’d ever give himself up. It would take some relentless questioning and interrogation.”

Who does Jamie think ‘dunnit’?
“Hmm… probably Terry. He’s so cool about everything. Too cool. He thought it was his dad Bob initially but changed his mind when Bob took the rap to protect Jamie. Even if he suspected Bob, Jamie would do all he could to protect his dad.”

Jamie doesn’t have a proper alibi, does he?
“Nope. He’s lied and said he was at the pub. He doesn’t say he was at Home Farm as that would automatically put him in the frame for Tom’s murder – even more in the frame than he is already!”

Does anyone know he’s lying?
“Obviously, Bob knows as Bob saw him at Home Farm. Jamie suspects Viv knows too. That’s about all – for the moment!”