Danny Miller confesses Emmerdale set ban

Emmerdale star Danny Miller has confessed that he is banned from working with co-star Kelvin Fletcher – as they are too naughty when they get together.

The 20-year-old – who plays Aaron Livesey in the show – told Inside Soap that he and Kelvin, aka Andy Sugden, are ‘bad boys’ both onscreen and when the cameras stop rolling.

“I don’t get many scenes with Kelvin Fletcher, but that’s more to do with us being a bit naughty if we’re on set!” Danny said.

“Kelvin’s got a lot of banter going on and I’ll get involved. All the lads gas way too much when we do scenes together – we go crazy!”

Danny added that his recent storyline, in which Aaron has been on trial for murder after helping his disabled boyfriend Jackson end his life, has been hard work.

He told the magazine he has been keeping fit to relax between scenes.

“For me the best thing is doing exercise,” he said. “I like to focus my mind so I’ll put on some tunes and go for a run or swim to switch off.

“You can’t allow yourself to get too touched by a heavy storyline, because otherwise it’s a downward spiral from there.”