Danny Miller: Emmerdale trial scenes ’emotional’

Emmerdale star Danny Miller has admitted that filming Aaron Livesey’s dramatic court scenes for the soap reduced him to tears.

Danny – whose character is on trial for the murder of his boyfriend Jackson Walsh after his assisted suicide – told Inside Soap that he was overcome by emotion during the shooting.

“It was all very pressured having such a big group of people on the set around us – the jury, solicitors, clerks and the rest of them. It was like being in a theatre with a big audience watching,” he said.

However he added that it was watching co-star Dominic Brunt – who plays Paddy – in action that really made him cry.

“Dominic Brunt in particular was amazing in his scenes,” Danny said. “He actually brought me to tears in real life as Paddy told the court about how he would be proud to be known as Aaron’s father.

“The director saw what was going on and said, ‘You’re not supposed to be crying, Danny!’ And I replied, ‘How the hell could I not cry at that?’ He was just fantastic.”

But despite the gruelling scenes, the actor revealed that he loves working on such dramatic storylines.

“There’s plenty of banter on set, so when you’re off home after filming, you’re bound to see someone who makes you laugh,” he said.

“Once I get in my car, I sit and think, ‘I’ve just been paid for that!’. The hours are long and you get worn out, but I just take a moment to say to myself, ‘You’re living the dream, mate!’.”