Danny Miller: ‘Emmerdale’s the best job I’ve ever done, so it’d have been hard to say no!’

Danny Miller explains to Soaplife the reason for Aaron’s return to Emmerdale – and how he’s still in a lot trouble…

Why has Aaron come back?
“Chas and Moira [Natalie J Robb] have both rung him because they’re worried about Adam, so Aaron has come back to help his friend. He watches Adam from the shadows for a few days and is shocked when he sees the seriousness of the situation Adam has got himself in to.”

What has Aaron been doing in France?
“He went over there with Ed, but things didn’t work out between them. He was homeless for a bit and started working in a hotel, cleaning and stuff. He was always thinking of coming back, it was just a question of how and when.”

But Aaron’s still a wanted man…
“People are still pointing the finger at Aaron and he did skip bail. The police will want questions answered. He’ll either have to leg it back to France again or be sent to prison.”

Is Chas (Lucy Pargeter) pleased to see Aaron?
“Yes, but it will be hard for her to accept that he has turned up without telling her. “

Is Aaron staying?
“I’m back for the foreseeable. Emmerdale producer Kate Oates called my agent and said she had this great story with Donna [Verity Rushworth] and Adam [Adam Thomas] that provided a nice gap for Aaron to slip back into. This is the best job I’ve ever done, so it would have been hard to say ‘no’.”

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