David’s Dales proposal: ‘I’d love it to be real’

Emmerdale‘s Matthew Wolfenden reveals to Soaplife exactly why David gets a sudden urge to marry Alicia – and why Pollard is determined to stop him…

So, David proposes to Alicia! Why???

“Well they’re sat together drinking wine one evening. Alicia’s in tears because she says she’s bound to be sent down. Jacob has to live with his dad, Justin, and she won’t see her son. Plus, there’s a new stepmum who Jacob hates. David’s not happy, either. He loves Jacob and would love him to stay. Alicia says to David, ‘You’re more stable than Justin and it’s not fair that just because he’s married it’s thought he can provide a better home for Jake’. This kind of triggers something off in David’s mind and he thinks, ‘Yeah, I am stable’. He’s a bit drunk and says to Alicia, ‘Why don’t we get married?’. The crisps they’re eating are onion rings so he puts one of those of her finger. Very sweet!”

What’s Alicia’s reaction?

“Shock. David has no idea she’s fallen madly in love with him. He still sees her as a best mate and isn’t doing it for Alicia, it’s for Jacob. If they were married, then hopefully Jacob would be able to stay at home with David.”

Pollard thinks it’s a terrible idea, though. Will David listen to his dad?

“His dad doesn’t see it the way he does. Pollard can just see pound signs and thinks Alicia is trying to get David’s money like Leyla did. He thinks Alicia’s going to bankrupt him or take him for half of everything he’s got.”

So Pollard tells Justin that the marriage will be a fake?

“And David can’t believe his dad would do such a thing to him. Justin says he’s going to fight all the way – he knows it’s a scam and is going to get lawyers involved.”

But could the marriage turn into the real thing?

“At this stage absolutely not. David’s got it all planned out – as soon as Alicia is released, they’ll get divorced and it’ll all be done and dusted. But, personally, I’d love it if it did. For them to get together properly would be a lovely fairytale ending.”

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