Daz Spencer arrested over daughter Amelia’s kidnap in Emmerdale reveals Mark Jordon!

A determined Daz heads off to pay the ransom for Amelia, but he finds himself in a world of trouble! Mark Jordon explains all…

Daz Spencer’s spoken to daughter Amelia Spencer’s kidnapper. But, unfortunately, nobody believes him, so he sets off alone, armed with only a stolen wrench in a bid to save her.

What’s the story?

“He’s on his own,” actor Mark Jordon tells Soaplife. “The police won’t believe him and even Kerry Wyatt thinks he’s behind the kidnapping. He’s determined to save Amelia.” Will Daz save the day or find himself in even deeper trouble?

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Emmerdale star Mark Jordon’s interview with Soaplife about Daz Spencer getting arrested over Amelia’s kidnap

Soaplife: Why has Daz agreed to pay the ransom to Amelia’s kidnapper?

Mark Jordon: “He has no choice. He tried to tell the family, but nobody believes him and Dan Spencer thinks it’s one of Daz’s scams. He thinks he’s trying to get money to make a quick escape. It’s a lot of money, so Daz decides to raid the garage in a bid to get hold of the cash.”

Mark Jordon as Daz Spencer

Soaplife: Does he know who the kidnapper is?

MJ: “He assumes it’s a bloke, but he has no idea who it is. The person used one of those voice distorters on the phone, so it could be anyone. He doesn’t know what sex or age the kidnapper is.”

S: Does he find the money at the garage?

MJ: “He takes whatever he can from the garage, including a wrench. He’s a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of guy and his only concern is to get Amelia back safely, by any means necessary. While he’s approaching the meeting place, he sees various big blokes and assumes it might be them.”

S: Who is the kidnapper?

MJ: “Daz is shocked when a small girl appears and she asks him for the money. He forgets to hide the weapon, so she cottons on he has a plan to hurt the kidnapper.”

S: Does Dan find Amelia?

MJ: “Yes, he does. She seems out of sorts, but not hurt and he’s overjoyed to see her.”

S: But then things don’t go to plan…?

MJ: “The trouble is, nobody believes Daz’s story and they think he took Amelia in the first place. He ends up back in a police cell and the rest of the family turn their backs on him.”

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