Debbie Dingle will return to Emmerdale a changed person, Emma Atkins has revealed.

The mechanic left the village to accept a new job in Jersey when her real-life alter ego, Charley Webb, went on maternity leave.

But she is now back filming at the rural soap, and the character has brought a touch of ‘mystery and intrigue’ with her.

Speaking at the launch of spin-off DVD The Dingles: For Richer, For Poorer, Charley’s screen mum Emma, who plays Charity Tate, said: “She’s a lot more sophisticated when she returns, a lot more subtle.

“I think Charity and Cain are a bit surprised, thinking ‘Who’s this new girl that’s walked in the door? Why have you come back? What are you here for?’ There’s a bit of mystery and intrigue there.”

Emma said it was ‘lovely’ to be working with Charley again.

“I’ve really missed her actually,” she said. “As much as I have loved working with Jeff [Hordley, who plays Cain Dingle] , there’s a good dynamic between the three of us when we’re together.”

“We take the mickey out of each other on and off the set, which is brilliant. I’ve missed her company both from a character and a friendship point of view.”

She added that Charley, who has a son, Buster, with co-star Matthew Wolfenden is ‘the best mum I’ve ever seen’.

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