Debbie and Ross ‘share a moment’, says Emmerdale’s Charley Webb. But do they reunite?

A party, a fight and drunk teenagers are the unlikely background for a possible reunion for Debbie and Ross, reveals star Charley Webb

Ross Barton wants Debbie Dingle, but he has a funny way of showing it in Emmerdale! Debbie has already caught him with cougar Jools once – and now he’s caught again, when Jools hires the Woolpack for a kids’ party.

“Debbie’s jealous when he flirts with Jools,” Charley Webb told Soaplife.

So Debbie still cares about Ross?
“She puts her feelings in the background and she tries to get on normally with him. But she’s spending a lot of time with him and some of the feelings are coming to the surface a bit more. There’s definitely a spark between them.”

What does Debbie think of Jools?
“She doesn’t like Jools because she’s slept with Ross [Michael Parr]. She doesn’t let on, though, and she makes out she doesn’t want Jools to have her party in The Woolpack because it might cause trouble for Charity.”

But the party goes ahead…What happens?
“It goes well at first – apart from the fact Ross tries to make Debbie jealous by flirting with Jools.”

What goes wrong?
“Debbie notices the kids are getting drunk and she has no idea it’s because her daughter, Sarah, has sold them booze. She thinks it must be her wayward gran, Faith, causing trouble. Things get really out of control.”

What happens next?
“Jools’s husband Roger shows up, which is a shock as they didn’t know Jools was married. He ends up catching Ross with Jools and giving him a good hiding. It’s Debbie who ends up tending to Ross’s wounds.”

Is there a kiss in the offing?
“They share a moment together, but you’ll have to wait and see.”

Do Debbie and Ross have a future?
“Who knows? It would get boring if they settled down and were happy.”

Emmerdale, ITV

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