‘Debbie slips up and Emma thinks Cain killed Ross,’ says Emmerdale’s Gillian Kearney

Ross is missing and Emma’s convinced he’s dead. What does Debbie tell her? Emmerdale’s Gillian Kearney reveals all to Soaplife…

Emma Barton dreamed for years of being reunited with her sons and playing happy families. Now Ross is missing and Pete’s still struggling to come to terms with the news his wife, Debbie, cheated with his brother. “Emma blames Debbie for bringing trouble to the family,” says Gillian. “She’s going out of her mind with worry and when Ross’s wallet and phone are found, she thinks he must be dead.”

How’s Emma coping with the aftermath of the wedding?
“Not great. Hearing the news about the affair between Ross and Debbie at the wedding was awful. Now Ross [Michael Parr] is missing and Debbie’s in hospital. Emma’s beside herself with worry as she believes Ross has run away because he’s upset.”

What does James think?
“Emma and James [Bill Ward] are very much a partnership at the moment, which is making everything more bearable. James explains Ross has done a disappearing act before and he isn’t overly worried.”

Emma’s also hurt because Debbie won’t let her see Moses, right?
“Yes, that’s adding insult to injury. There’s a scene where Emma and James are looking at Pete’s [Anthony Quinlan] wedding photos and Emma’s like, ‘Do you really want these photos? I don’t want to be looking at Debbie’s face. She’s the woman that broke my son’s heart and she won’t let me see my grandson’.”

But James talks Debbie around…
“Emma’s pleased because James talks Debbie [Charley Webb] into letting Emma have Moses. But her good mood is short-lived because she finds the phone and knows Ross wouldn’t have left it behind.”

What detective work does James do?
“He checks Ross’s bank accounts and finds out no money has been drawn out since he disappeared. At that point, Emma thinks he is dead.”

“Emma suspects Debbie has something to do with Ross’s death and she decides to have a word with her, to cajole her into confessing. Debbie slips up and Emma realises Cain [Jeff Hordley] may have murdered Ross.”

Ooops. What does Emma do?
“Emma wants to call the police, but James tells her not to. However, she explains she’s let Ross down enough and isn’t prepared to do it again. She thinks that as time passes, clues will disappear, and Cain will be more likely to get away with it.”

Then the police find a body…
“It’s devastating news for Emma, who’ll have to stand there when they pull back the sheet so she can identify the body. I was wrung out after filming all of this. It’s like a roller-coaster ride that gets worse and worse!”

Emmerdale, ITV.