Emmerdale star Charley Webb reveals how far Debbie will go to steal her daughter away from Andy…

Why is Debbie determined to fight for sole custody of Sarah?
“She wouldn’t be fighting for custody at all if Andy would be reasonable and agree to meet her halfway.”

Can’t Debbie understand why Andy’s refusing to play ball?
“I appreciate Debbie would have found it hard if she’d been Sarah’s primary carer and Andy had demanded sole custody, but Andy’s brought this fight on himself by refusing to compromise.”

Wouldn’t it be cruel to Sarah to take her from the only home she’s ever known?
“Debbie’s not planning on leaving the village with Sarah. And she’s used to being with Debbie and the Dingles too.”

Does she feel bad about fighting with Andy when Sarah’s around?
“Absolutely. I’ve lost count of the times she’s said to Andy ‘Let’s not do this in front of Sarah.’ But it doesn’t seem to bother Andy too much.”

And yet the truth is Debbie did abandon Sarah as a baby…
“I know but she was very young at the time. Debbie’s Sarah’s mum and she wants to be there for her daughter. She’s finally ready to be a full-time mum.”

How does she react when she finds out Andy is challenging her custody claim?
“Debbie’s not in the slightest bit intimidated because he’s fighting back. She feels very strong, particularly now that Cain’s around. She loves the fact her dad’s around and being supportive of her.”

Cain says he’ll pay for a solicitor. Does she wonder where he’s getting the money?
“Debbie doesn’t care. It’s winning the custody case that’s important.”

Sarah goes missing just before Andy gets a visit from the authorities. What happens?
“Sarah slips away when Victoria takes her to the swings. Aaron finds her and brings her back to Debbie’s place. Debbie knows it doesn’t look good for Andy because it was on his watch that Sarah wandered off.”

Does Debbie believe she’ll win custody of Sarah?
“She honestly doesn’t know. If she doesn’t she’ll apply for regular access. She won’t do anything daft like snatch Sarah and do a runner.”

The old Debbie would have…
“She’s changed. Jail was a very sobering experience for her. A lifetime looking over her shoulder would be a nightmare for Sarah. Debbie won’t break the law over this. She’ll do everything properly.”

So how does she feel when Cain suggests they take Sarah away to start a new life?
“She’s hurt and accuses him of lying about being back for good. Debbie has no plans to leave.”

Then Cain drops the bombshell he’s now a police informer! How does she react?
“It’s a shock when Cain admits he’s a grass but it doesn’t change the way she feels about him nor make her trust him any less…”

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