Diane gives up everything for love!

Emmerdale’s Elizabeth Estensen says nothing and no one will stop Diane and Charlie being together…

How deep are Diane’s feelings for Charlie?

“Diane has completely fallen in love with him… He’s dynamic, smart and sophisticated, and it’s terribly exciting for her.”

And what about Doug now?

“She likes Doug and was resigned to a future with him really because he so liked her. But then Charlie came along and she got whisked off her feet by this man.”

How does Diane feel about Doug being so jealous and suspicious?

“Diane knows Doug is jealous of Charlie but he just doesn’t get how happy she is. She didn’t mean to lead him on in any way but he just won’t leave it alone.”

Does Diane have any suspicions about Charlie herself?

“Not for a moment. In a short amount of time she and Charlie have developed a real closeness.”

Is she sure she’s doing the right thing selling up, marrying Charlie and going to live in France?

“Well she has been happy in the village… and she’s apprehensive about uprooting Victoria. But she wants to be with Charlie – in France or anywhere he is.”

Charlie seems to have quite a few early nights and lie-downs… Is his health OK?

“Diane suspects he may be a little under the weather but nothing really serious.”

Would she want him to tell her if something was wrong?

“Absolutely. She’s committed herself to him and would adjust to anything that’s thrown up…”

Would anything make Diane think twice about giving up everything for him?

“No. The great thing about Diane is she doesn’t worry over the future. She takes each day as it comes…”

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