Dom forgives Belle ‘but she could still be jailed’, says Emmerdale’s Wil Johnson

Emmerdale’s Wil Johnson reveals to Soaplife that Dom finally accepts Gemma’s death was a tragic accident. But what will happen in court?

Dom’s been determined that Belle should pay for Gemma’s death since the moment she confessed to her part in it. But as Belle goes on trial for Gemma’s murder, Dom suddenly has a change of heart and tells the whole court that Belle didn’t mean to kill his daughter and he forgives her… It’s the end of an awful journey for Dom, who decides it’s time to shake hands with Zak and leave the village. “Dom is still trying to come to terms with the fact that his daughter has gone, but he has to move on,” Wil tells Soaplife.

How does Dom feel when Sam admits he wanted to do a runner, but Belle wanted to stay and be punished?
“That’s a pivotal moment for Dom and makes him think maybe he has been looking at this wrongly. He has viewed Gemma’s death from the point of view of a grieving parent, but you can’t keep going down that road, especially if you start to see that the perpetrator is remorseful. Dom turns a corner in that respect.”

The court case must be tough for him to cope with?
“It’s hard for him to sit there and hear details of Gemma’s last night. He gets to a point where he can’t take it any more and he has to leave the courtroom.”

And the jury sympathises with him. How does he feel when Lisa later urges him to stay away from the trial?
“He feels insulted because he is the person who lost a child and doesn’t want all this emotional guilt put on him. He doesn’t want to be badgered by Lisa.”

But he goes back to court and tells everyone he forgives Belle…
“He is at Vanessa’s and is watching a video of Belle and Gemma together. In that moment, he realises that these were two young girls who were best friends. It was a tragic accident and not deliberate.”

Will that help Belle?
“No. It might even make things worse because after his outburst the prosecution ask for manslaughter to be added to the indictment, which means there is still a possibility that Belle may have to go to prison.”

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