Emmerdale’s Dominic Brunt: ‘Rhona kisses Paddy… then tells him she’s not ready for anything!’

Paddy Kirk can’t help himself, he wants to be more than a friend to Rhona. But Rhona takes control of the situation, explains Emmerdale’s Dominic Brunt

Yes, Paddy Kirk does love Rhona Harris. And now that the whole nasty business with Pierce Harris is over, Paddy wants Rhona back. So he’s thrilled when Rhona makes a move and kisses him.

“Paddy can’t help, but feel drawn to Rhona again,” Dominic Brunt told Soaplife. “But Rhona dashes his hopes and he is upset.”

How long has Paddy harboured feelings for Rhona?
“He regrets everything that happened with Tess [who Paddy had an affair with]. Yes, he regrets everything. He didn’t fall out of love with Rhona [Zoe Henry], he just made a stupid mistake. He utterly betrayed her. He hasn’t tried to get back with Rhona because she was going through the rape trial and it would have been ridiculously inappropriate.”

Tell us about this kiss?
“Paddy doesn’t instigate it, but because Rhona goes in for the kiss, he responds. It is everything he wishes for and believes that it’s a way back to how they were two or three years ago.”

What happens afterwards?
“Rhona takes control. She is honest and tells Paddy that she is not ready for anything. She visits Pierce in prison and that makes her even more determined to be in control of her emotions and her own destiny. She doesn’t want anybody else to have control over her any more and thinks that if she got back with Paddy, she would be beholden to him.”

Their friend Marlon is worried, too, isn’t he?
“Yes. Marlon thinks the timing is awful and is worried that Paddy might be taking advantage of Rhona’s vulnerability. However, he assures Marlon that it isn’t what he’s doing. Marlon doesn’t want Paddy or Rhona to get hurt.”

Do you think they could make it work again?
“I am not sure what would get them back together – maybe time. It is hard to see how a couple would get over what Paddy did to Rhona, really.”

We take it you are still enjoying your time at Emmerdale?
“I have been ridiculously spoilt and have dodged lots of bullets, but I’m still here! I will take whatever they give me, really, as I love it here.”

Emmerdale, ITV

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