Dominic Power: ‘Cameron will be soap’s biggest villain!’

Dominic Power reveals to Soaplife that killer Cameron complicates his life further… by getting back in Debbie’s bed in Emmerdale!

So, how on earth does that happen?
“Cameron realises Debbie’s doing a runner with Sarah and Jack and he goes after her. He catches up with her at the airport and convinces her to come back with him.”

“In that moment, all Cameron can do is kiss her – and he does.”

What about Chas?
“Cameron has deep affection for Chas, but he loves Debbie. He has never stopped loving her, but recently, they have had moments alone and that intimacy has ignited his feelings. He feels bad about cheating on Chas, but feels that Debbie might be his salvation.”

So that’s why he sleeps with her…
“Yes. Cameron’s worried about Debbie telling Chas about their kiss and goes to see her. They have a row, but then find themselves in a passionate moment and lose control.”

What a mess!
“Yes, but Cameron’s sick of the mess and now wants to get his life straightened up… with Debbie.”

So he’s not worried any more about Alex’s body being found?
“He thinks that it’s buried and he can move on.”

Where is this all heading?
“At the Soap Awards I said that this summer Cameron would prove himself to be the biggest villain in soap and he will… Things are going to get a lot darker.”


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