‘Donna’s crime puts her life on the line,’ says Emmerdale’s Verity Rushworth (VIDEO)

Emmerdale’s Verity Rushworth tells Soaplife that Donna is terrified she’s going to end up in prison when the victimless robbery she plans with Ross results in a badly battered victim…

Why has Donna turned to crime?
“It’s desperate times. She knows that she’s dying and running out of time to provide for April. She lost all her savings and now she’s focusing on what needs to be done to provide for her daughter when she’s gone. That’s why Ross is robbing a jeweller’s while she’s being Christened with April.” 

And Ross, her partner in crime?
“He’s toying with Donna. She knows she shouldn’t be with him, but she fancies him and when she’s around him she goes soft and girly. It is like a moth to a flame.”

Is it love?
“No, it’s just lust. She hasn’t had these feelings for a while. I think she’s baffled by it. Every time Ross goes in for a kiss she can’t resist, the sexual chemistry is so strong. He’s her guilty pleasure.”

So what’s the double Christening about, for her and April?
“It’s a really emotional time as it will be one of the main memories that April will have of them together. Donna hopes to make Marlon and Laurel’s wedding, but that might not happen so the Christening could be the last big event they attend together.”

But during the service Ross texts to say the robbery has gone wrong…
“That’s a terrifying moment. Ross didn’t stick to the plan so she’s furious. She never meant to hurt anyone, it was supposed to be a victimless crime. Her own dad was killed in a robbery at the village post office so this really hits home on a personal level.”

What happens when Donna gets to the crime scene?
“It’s quite a shock as the jewellery store owner George is in a bad way. She’s guilt ridden.”

In fact, George might die…
“And Donna’s horrified when she hears that. Her life is on the line as she could go to prison for murder and that’s a lot more serious than she bargained on.”

What’s she going to do?
“She starts thinking about getting April away from the village. This isn’t how she expected her last moments on Earth to be. It’s all gone wrong and she’s desperately looking for a way out.”

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