‘Doug is devastated by Gerry’s death’ says Emmerdale’s Duncan Preston

In the aftermath of Gerry's death at the B&B, Doug fears he is facing a prison sentence. But is Gerry's uncle Terry about to make things a whole lot worse?

What’s the story?

The village is in mourning as Gerry Roberts’ funeral approaches, but nobody is suffering quite as much as Doug Potts who loved the lad and is still convinced that it was his negligence that killed him.

“He believes it was all his fault,’ says Duncan Preston who plays Doug in Emmerdale. “He is mortified as he was so fond of Gerry.”

But how long will it be before Doug discovers it was Lachlan White whodunit?

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Duncan Preston’s interview with Soaplife about how Doug blames himself for Gerry’s death…

Soaplife: How does Doug feel about Gerry’s demise?

Duncan Preston: “He is absolutely devastated as Gerry was someone he could talk to, who was learning off him; they were learning off each other. Doug was teaching Gerry how to tend a garden and he was being taught how to be a bit more streetwise.”

The body of Gerry lies trapped. Gerry was murdered by Lachlan

Doug blames himself for Gerry’s death

S: Has Doug been charged?

DP: “Yes, and he thinks he deserves it.”

S: How would he cope in prison?

DP: “He would find it tough as he’d come across the sort of people he has never met before. He would probably try and organise them and put them on the right lines, but it would most likely fail as they’d laugh at him.”

S: “What does Doug make of Terry who turns up for the funeral?

DP:”He is really nice to him because all he wants to do is atone for what he thinks he did to Gerry. Terry threatens to sue Doug who thinks that if he is nice to him, then he will decide not to. He puts him up in the B&B for free and Terry obviously thinks ‘I’ve got a right soft one here.’”

S: Does Doug suspect Lachlan at all?

DP: “No, Lachlan is being really nice to Doug and he says ‘Why are you being so good to me?’. It is through Doug’s penny pinching and ignorance that Gerry has gone – or so he thinks. Doug sells his car to help Terry, and confides in Lachlan.”

S: What happens on the day of the funeral?

DP: “Doug gets the chance to speak as Terry bolts and tries to steal some money from the B&B. Doug’s eulogy is heartfelt and it was easy for me to do that as I really miss Shaun Thomas, who played Gerry. He is from Yorkshire, he grew up close to where I grew up. I adore Shaun and I adored Gerry. I miss him! I wish the friendship had gone on as he was lovely to have around.”

Doug, Diane and the rest of the villagers are puzzled when Lachlan leaves Gerry’s funeral. What is he up to? (Picture: ITV)

S: What did you think when you heard Gerry was going to die?

DP: “Well, all I knew was that someone was going to die and I always said ‘I hope it’s not Gerry.’”

S: Are you any good at DIY in real-life?

DP:”I am hopeless, I cannot even put a screw in a wall, within seconds there’s a pile of plaster on the floor. I am much worse than Doug!”

S:Do you hope Lachlan is found out?

DP:”The sooner the better as I can go back to being Doug and get on an even keel again. Diane is very angry with him.”

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