A drunk and reckless Moira runs Pete over in Emmerdale

Moira's behaviour spirals out of control when she hits the booze to bury her grief...

Friends and family start to worry about Moira as she spends more and more time drinking.

The grieving mum, whose world fell apart after the sudden death of her daughter Holly from a drugs overdose, is on a path of self destruction.

Pete, her nephew, begs her to try and sort herself out, knowing she has an important business meeting to attend, but Moira is beyond caring and later on, in a hungover state, she and Pete end up kissing.

But calamity awaits. When a drunk Moira later gets behind the wheel of her van she accidentally ploughs into Pete who’s acted quickly to push Jacob out of the vehicle’s path.

As Pete lies unconscious in the road, Cain rushes to the scene and as neighbours gather round, Cain covers for Moira and pretends he was driving.

Is Pete going to be okay and how will Moira cope following this latest shameful disaster?