‘Ella and Declan’s chemistry hasn’t changed’

Emmerdale‘s Corrinne Wicks reveals to Soaplife that Ella is not a woman who takes no for an answer…

Ella knows she wants Declan back, but Declan’s desperately trying to pretend he doesn’t want her. “Despite the fireworks she and Declan love each other and they’re good together,” actress Corrinne tells Soaplife. “It seems such a waste to let this go.”

We’re guessing that’s why Ella decided to stay in Emmerdale…

“Absolutely. They spark off each other in every way and I don’t think Ella’s had that kind of chemistry with any other man. It’s not about money – Ella’s a successful businesswoman. She wants Declan for himself. She wants her man back.”

So can you fill us in on why their marriage broke down in the first place?

“It was more to do with geography and their respective business interests than anything else. They simply drifted apart. But the chemistry between them hasn’t changed. Ella feels they’re better together than apart.”

How does Ella get what she wants? 

“On New Year’s Eve she makes sure she looks gorgeous. They go to The Woolpack for drinks and, sure enough, before long Declan leads Ella home for their own private party.”

So are they all loved up next morning?

“Next morning they’re back to arguing and Ella suggests she should move on. But after sleeping on it, Declan admits he can’t bear to lose her all over again and he wants her to stay.”