Rebecca White is scared witless when she comes out of her coma and sees nephew Lachlan. But how much does she remember?

New mum Rebecca White has been in a coma ever since the death crash that killed her family caused by nephew Lachlan. She finally wakes up but an encounter with Lachlan leaves her terrified, actress Emily Head has told Soaplife.

What’s the story?

Rebecca finally opens her eyes and soon wishes she hadn’t when she is told that both Lawrence and Chrissie are dead. A guilty Lachlan comforts her and is relieved when she reveals she barely remembers anything.

“She doesn’t notice anything strange about his behaviour,” actress Emily Head revealed to Soaplife. “But then she has a dream, hears Lachlan’s voice and screams ‘I know what you did!’ when she wakes up.”

Is the truth about Lachlan going to come out?

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Soaplife’s interview with Emily Head about Rebecca and what she remembers…

Soaplife: What is it like when she is told Chrissie and Lawrence are dead?

Emily Head: “She comes round and is a bit disorientated. Everything aches and she feels tired. The news is broken and her world falls away from her, it is the worst thing thing that has ever happened to her, losing two members of her family who she was very close to. She struggles to understand why or how it has happened and the idea of living without them is just awful.”

S: What does she remember?

EH: “Initially, she explains to Lachlan that she doesn’t remember anything more than being in the car. She has a vague memory of Robert being angry with her and vice versa.”

S: Does she suspect Lachlan of anything?

EH: “Not initially. He is all she has left, apart from Seb. She clings onto him sobbing when she finds out the news.”

S: Does her memory return?

EH: “She has been in a coma, so her brain is working on overdrive now. There are snapshots that appear every now and again. She wakes up from a fitful sleep feeling a bit frightened and when she hears Lachlan’s voice, she screams for him to get out and says she knows what he did. Of course, he is utterly terrified.”

S: Do you miss Louise Marwood and John Bowe?

EH: “It is really weird without them. When I joined, I stepped into a ready-made family in a ready-made house and now none of it is there any more.”

S: Are you still in touch with them?

EH: “Yes, John texted me on my birthday and Louise invited me to London to watch the crash scene with her. It just so happened that I had a couple of days off, so I did. It was very strange to see her dying again with her sat next to me.”

S: What is in store for Rebecca?

EH: “There are so many questions she has. She will have to stay in hospital for a bit as she is recovering from a serious head injury. And obviously, she can’t go to Home Farm.”

S: Where is all her stuff?

EH: “It’s okay, because they each only lost one suitcase of stuff in the crash. The rest is in storage.”

S: How does she feel towards Robert?

EH: “She hasn’t seen this side of him, the caring side, for a very long time. However, she more concerned about the fact that Seb is now with the one person she wanted to get him away from.”

Emmerdale, ITV