Emmerdale’s Emma Atkins: ‘Cain and Charity have a tender moment… then really go for it!’

Emmerdale’s very own wicked witch, Charity, gets Cain back in her bed – and then she blackmails him. It’s all part of another of her cunning plans, says Emma Atkins

Charity has made no secret of the fact that she wants Cain back. But when she finally gets him into bed she uses it against him! Emma Atkins tells Soaplife what Charity is playing at this time…

What is it about Cain that Charity can’t resist?
“No man has ever come close to Cain [Jeff Hordley] in Charity’s book. It’s usually money that makes her world go round, but with Cain, the love is genuine.”

What happens when Cain finds out Charity knew Belle wasn’t pregnant?
“Cain flips. Belle [Eden Taylor-Draper] is missing and Cain holds Charity responsible. He tells Zak and Lisa about her involvement and they declare they want nothing more to do with her. Cain goes as far as handing her a suitcase, but she isn’t going anywhere!”

How does Charity plan to win the Dingles over?
She knows that the only way to do this is to find Belle. She gets a lead and off she goes, closely followed by Sam [James Hooton] and Marlon [Mark Charnock], who are out of their depth pretty soon. Basically, she gets embroiled in some trouble when she comes across Dean [Craig Vye], Holly’s nasty ex-boyfriend.”

What happens?
Charity ends up in Dean’s house and locks herself in the bathroom, where she calls Cain and begs him to rescue her. Unfortunately, because she has recently cried wolf, he doesn’t believe her and it’s only when Sam and Marlon explain what they saw that he does something about it.”

Does Cain rescue Charity?
Yes. He finds her battered and bruised and wants to take her to A&E, but she has other ideas. Cain gives her a lift back to Emmerdale and they end up at the garage having a heart-to-heart. There is a kind of tender moment, which is passionate at the same time and then they really go for it.”

So why does she then blackmail Cain?
“She threatens to tell everybody about their one-night stand if he doesn’t persuade Zak [Steve Halliwell] and Lisa [Jane Cox] to let her help look for Belle. She wants to be back in with the Dingles.”

Does Charity feel bad for Moira?
Oh no. In fact, she actively taunts her and really enjoys it. The most shameless stuff comes out of her mouth, but the beauty of it is, Moira [Natalie J Robb] keeps a very calm exterior, so Charity goes even further and the stuff she says gets worse.”

Can it last between Cain and Charity?
There is no longevity there. It’s a thrill. Some couples never know when to call it a day because it is almost like an addiction. In a parallel world they should be together, but in the real world, it’s too volatile.”

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