Emma Atkins: Charity could get revenge on Jai

Emmerdale actress Emma Atkins has revealed that her character Charity Sharma could spend time plotting revenge against her husband Jai and mother of his child Rachel Breckle.

While Jai has been keeping his son a secret from Rachel – who has made it clear she does not want children – the soap’s viewers are set to see dramatic scenes in which the truth comes out.

And Emma said that in Charity’s case, it could be a while before she gets her own back.

“I think with Charity she could very carefully plan her vengeance, and take a back seat really, and think ‘OK I’ve got time now’,” the actress said.

She added that the fact Jai – played by Chris Bisson – cheated on her is less likely to be upsetting to her screen alter ego than the fact he lied to her about being a parent.

“Charity slept with Declan Macey so in many ways she’s been as bad,” Emma pointed out. “However, they didn’t have a child and hide it for ages.

“I think that’s the ultimate betrayal. It’s not that he’s had a one night stand, it’s how could you lead a double life under my nose, and shame me and make a mockery of our entire marriage, our countless conversations about truth

She added: “They’ve always vowed to be honest, because that would get them through. Even if they had been a bit naughty or flirted or whatever bit of infidelity they’d done, they’d vowed to come clean and get it out and move on.

“So it’s the secrecy that’s more of a betrayal than the infidelity itself.”