Emma’s playing a dangerous new game, says Emmerdale’s Gillian Kearney

Emma Barton gets a shock when Finn is wanted by the police. And she thinks Kasim needs to be taught a lesson, reveals Emmerdale’s Gillian Kearney

Emma Barton is shocked when the police come looking for her youngest son, Finn, the one who never been any trouble. It turns out, though, that Finn was just a late bloomer as a bad boy. Rejected by Kasim, Finn has trashed his home!

“Emma is shocked to see him behave like this,” Gillian Kearney told Soaplife. “But she can see that there are parallels between her and her son.”

Can Emma save her youngest lad from himself or does Finn have a one-way ticket towards self-destruction?

Emma decides to keep Kasim away from Finn, doesn’t she?
“She takes it on herself to meet up with Kasim [Ethan Kai] now she knows how he really feels. Finn’s in love with someone who can’t reciprocate the feeling. She realises that, with James, she should have cut her losses and walked away rather than it become so obsessive. She lost perspective and Finn [Joe Gill] is doing the same thing. He’s on a dangerous path…”

What does she think is going on with Finn?
“Kasim’s like a displacement for him. Instead of dealing with the grief of losing his dad, Finn’s transferred all that affection onto Kasim. He needs to deal with his loss, rather than fixate on Kasim.”

Why does she send Finn a Valentine’s card?
“She sends all her boys one because she wants to keep them happy. Valentine’s Day is sad for her because she’s lost her true love, but she still has her boys. She sends Finn an extra special one, but it backfires. He tells her, ‘I’m not a child and this is the ultimate humiliation’.”

What does Emma think when Finn’s arrested?
“When she hears he trashed Kasim’s place, she tries to reassure him. But when two policemen show up, she’s seriously worried about him.”

Is this linked to the later arson of a Barton taxi?
Somebody torches taxi, so the police have an arson investigation on their hands, too. Finn suggests it was Kasim who did it, but Ross [Michael Parr] thinks it was Finn.”

Who did do it?
“I’m afraid you’ll have to wait and see!”

Does Emma dread the truth coming out about her causing James’ death?
“Oh yes. She tries not to think about what she did, but occasionally it hits her like a punch in the stomach. These things have a habit of coming out and, if and when it does, it’ll be hideously painful.”

Emmerdale, ITV