‘What Emma tells Finn about James shocks him,’ reveals Emmerdale’s Joe Gill

Killer Emma Barton’s bizarre behaviour prompts son Finn to ask some big questions… and what Emma reveals stuns him, says Emmerdale’s Joe Gill

Emma Barton’s sons have no idea she was involved in the death of their dad, James, but a suspicious Finn is about to get closer to the truth in Emmerdale.

“Emma tells him something that shakes his world,” Joe Gill told Soaplife.

What makes Finn suspicious that his mum is hiding something?
“He notices she’s in a funny mood when he suggests sorting out some of their stuff at Wylie’s Farm. He has no idea what went on there, so it’s an innocent suggestion on Finn’s part. But Emma [Gillian Kearney] looks alarmed.”

What does he think when he sees Emma at Wylie’s Farm?
“He’s suspicious. Emma told him she wasn’t going to be there, but there she is acting on edge when he turns up. It plants a tiny seed of doubt in Finn’s head and he wonders what his mum’s up to, especially when he sees Emma shoving a note into her pocket. Back at home, Emma tells Finn she was saying goodbye and that it felt therapeutic to be there. Later on, he fishes the note out of her pocket and sees it reads ‘I Don’t’. He has no idea what this means.”

What happens next?
“Emma’s looking for the note when Finn reveals he has it. She snatches it away from him and she admits James wrote it. Emma’s clearly upset, so Finn doesn’t ask her any more about it.”

Then he discovers she no longer has her wedding dress…
“Finn knows about the dress and its history and it was the one thing that Emma would want to keep for old time’s sake. He finds it hard to believe she no longer has it. She claims she destroyed the dress when she found out about James’s affair with Moira Barton. Finn demands she tell him the truth and what she says shocks him.”

Can you tell us anything about where this storyline is going?
“Only that we’ve all been looking forward to playing it out and there’s some really good stuff to come. It’s certainly going to be a show, so keep watching!”

Emmerdale, ITV

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