Ruby wants to marry Ali and proposes to her… But then she finds out Ali’s secret and dumps her, Emmerdale’s Alicia Eyo tells Soaplife

When Ruby proposes to girlfriend Ali, she has no idea that her other half is covering up an enormous secret – her one-night stand with Dan that may have left her pregnant. Ali agrees to marry Ruby… But Ruby calls their wedding off and says she’s leaving when the truth comes out. “Ruby has a lot of thinking to do. Her world’s fallen apart,” Alicya tells Soaplife.

What makes Ruby decide to pop the question?
“Little Amelia’s the driving force behind it. She says to Ruby she and Ali [Kelli Hollis] should get married and she’d like to be a bridesmaid. That gets the cogs turning in Ruby’s head and, when she thinks about it, it’s the most natural step for them to take next.”

Tell us about the proposal…
“It’s quite sweet and romantic. Ruby’s very nervous and doesn’t know if Ali is going to say ‘yes’. They’ve got the house to themselves and Ruby cooks dinner. She’s thinking on the spot and it all comes out how much she adores Ali. While she’s asking Ali, she realises she really does want to marry this woman.”

How does Ruby find out Ali has cheated?
“Kerry [Laura Norton] accidentally bashes Ali on the nose and they end up in hospital. When the doctor asks Ali if she could be pregnant, she says she isn’t sure. Kerry finds out, then Ali is forced to tell Ruby. It’s a real shock because Ruby thought they were a tight unit. It’s such a huge betrayal by Ali and by Dan [Liam Fox].”

Can she forgive Ali?
“For Ruby, it’s done and there’s no going back. Ali says sorry a lot, but it’s far too raw for Ruby to forgive. It’s also in her face because everyone knows everyone else’s business in the village. Ruby would feel like such a fool, so she just has to get away.”

Kerry decides she’s got to get past her first, though…
“Kerry doesn’t want them to split up and teams up with Amelia. They hatch a little plan to try and get Ali and Ruby back together, but they have got their work cut out.”

How does Ruby feel about the prospect of Ali being pregnant?
“It’s another element that pushes her away. She’s desperate for a baby of her own and they came to a conclusion they weren’t going to try any more. But really, it’s the betrayal Ruby has to deal with before anything else.”

Would you like them to work things out?
“I’d like to see them get through this and maybe come out stronger. It could make them. Maybe they could have a little baby together. Who knows?”

If they did marry, what sort of wedding would you like for them?
“Massive and pink. Big blancmange dresses. Ruby has her own ideas about how she wants it, though.”

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