Emmerdale arson: ‘People Andy trusted turn on him’

Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher tells Soaplife Andy goes from hero to zero when fire ravages the village!

Katie’s told Andy time and again there’s no going back. Why won’t he accept it?

“Because he thinks they’re meant to be together. He decides to ask her straight out to try again, but she tells him they’ll never be an item again. He’s hurt and feels she’s led him on. She says she doesn’t want to be with anyone at the moment.”

Is that why he loses it when he finds out she’s dating Nick Henshall again?

“He feels betrayed by the one person he never thought would treat him like that and his anger with Katie boils over and he tells her exactly what he thinks of her.”

But it’s not just Katie’s betrayal. What is it about Henshall he dislikes so much?

“Andy knows he’s bad news, but Katie won’t see it. He deliberately winds Andy up and Andy wants to punch his lights out.”

Andy’s still fuming as a fire is started behind Katie’s home. Is it Andy who starts it?

“Everyone knows when Andy’s angry he does things he wouldn’t normally do. He could snap and do something stupid.”

During the blaze, though, he’s a hero…

“There’s absolute panic when the villagers realise the cottages are on fire. Andy pushes all his anger aside and becomes a hero saving people’s lives. He kicks doors down and battles through the smoke and flames. But he can’t save everyone… And at least two people end up dead.”

Is Katie one of the lives he saves?

“I can’t reveal that. She’s with Chas and Gennie in Victoria Cottage in the thick

of the fire. She’s in as much danger as anyone else trapped in the blaze. There’s every chance she might not make it out.”

After the fire, Andy is the main suspect. Is there any evidence it was him?

“No, but Henshall lets his police colleagues know Andy has a history of arson. He’s found out Andy started the fire that killed his adoptive mum, Sarah, 10 years ago. Next thing Andy’s pulled in for questioning…”

Do his friends stand by him?

“Everyone thinks the worst of him. People he trusted turn on him. But he’s not a killer. He’s a good guy… who’s very unlucky.”