Emmerdale: Ashley wants the truth about his son

Emmerdale’s Ashley has lost one son and found another and he’s not letting him go whatever Laurel says, warns John Middleton!

The DNA tests confirm it… Ashley and Laurel weren’t Daniel’s parents! How does Ashley feel?

“Shocked! It’s not something he or Laurel ever considered and Ashley can’t understand how it’s possible. He was prepared for there to be be no clear reason for Daniel’s death, but this is completely unexpected.

What’s his first thought?

“Ashley wants answers. He’s acutely aware of how sensitive Laurel is, especially given it was her mum’s hunch that started the investigation. Hilary’s convinced Daniel was swapped with Mel and Greg’s son Arthur at the hospital.”

And Laurel’s reaction?

“She’s dumbstruck. She thinks it’s insulting for anyone to question whether Daniel was her son and she’s very angry.”

What are they going to do?

“They can’t agree. Ashley wants to delve deeper… he needs to know for sure whether Arthur is his son.”

But Laurel doesn’t?

“Laurel doesn’t want to know and feels her mum’s interference has tarnished Daniel’s memory. As far as Laurel’s concerned Daniel was her son and nothing anybody says or does will change that.”

You’d think she’d be relieved her own baby may be alive and well after all…

“Laurel believes Daniel was her child and she feels no connection to Arthur. She tells Ashley that Arthur belongs to Greg and Mel and begs him to leave things as they are. She knows the pain of losing a baby and can’t bear to put Mel through the same nightmare.”

But Ashley won’t be able to leave it will he?

“He’s torn between not wanting to do more damage to Laurel’s fragile state and a fundamental desire to be a father to his child. If Arthur is his son then he’ll want a relationship with him.”

So he wouldn’t be prepared to keep it secret to spare Greg and Mel?

“It would be very tough for him. And time’s running out with Greg and Mel planning to move away…”

Will Ashley fight Laurel to bring Arthur home if he turns out to be his boy?

“Ashley would hope to talk Laurel around but at the moment she’s not listening to anyone. They’ve both been through a very difficult time and a battle between them would just damage their relationship even more…”

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