Emmerdale boss says Robert and Aaron’s kiss won’t be a one-off

Emmerdale‘s producer Kate Oates has teased some of the big storylines coming up, including Aaron Livesy and Robert Sugden’s affair.

The ITV soap boss revealed that the upcoming kiss between Aaron (Danny Miller) and Robert (Ryan Hawley) will turn out to be more than just a one off, and it will have big implications for Robert’s fiancee Chrissie White (Louise Marwood).

Kate said: “Chrissie doesn’t know about the relationship with Robert and Aaron, and that’s obviously going to be a long-burner. She doesn’t know that her husband-to-be has this tendency that he also fancies men, so that might be a big surprise to her.”

The producer also added that despite reports Sammy Winward’s recently-announced exit as Emmerdale’s Katie Addyman had been a surprise to the actress, they had actually been planning her final storyline for a while.

She said: “I was reading the stories at the weekend, which said that I was surprised she was going. I’m not sure how people think we storyline this show!

“Sammy came to see me in the spring and told me what she was thinking about. So we’ve had time to craft that story and I’m really excited about it.”