Emmerdale cancer scare – Matt Wolfenden admits: ‘I never check myself, but I will now’

Concerns about Pollard could see David face a life-threatening illness himself in Emmerdale. Matthew Wolfenden explains all to Soaplife…

Why is David so worried about Pollard?
“David notices Pollard is constantly running to the toilet and he Googles the symptoms, which is the worst thing to do. I know this as my partner, Charley Webb [who plays Debbie Dingle], sits at home Googling everything to do with our new baby and it’s always a horror story.”

What does he do?
“Well, Pollard’s slightly panicked… He probably knows those symptons in a man of a certain age are not a good sign. When David flags it up, Pollard knows he should see a doctor, but he’s still not willing to get that confirmation that there’s a problem.”

But he gets Pollard to the doctor… How?
“David collars Pollard [Chris Chittell] and says ‘Listen! There’s something wrong here because you’re spending all your day running in and out of the bathroom, so I’m taking you to the doctor tomorrow’. Pollard says he’ll only go if David goes, too, and has an MOT himself.”

What happens at the surgery?
“David explains to the doctor that he’s only there to get Pollard in and he suggests he’d be wasting his time seeing him. However, the doctor says he may as well be seen as he has an appointment. He gives him the once over, then says he’s found a small lump on David’s right testicle.”

“The doctor says it could be a cyst and explains that most of the time these things are nothing to worry about, but he books a scan as a precaution.”

Has anything like this happened to you in real life?
“No and I never check myself, but I’ve learned that guys in their early twenties to mid-thirties should because problems such as testicular cancer are prevalent then. I’ll certainly check myself from now on.”

Does David worry that he has cancer?
“Of course he’s worried. These things prey on your mind and David just wants to get the results. If it’s an all-clear, he’ll be celebrating. If not, then it will be an interesting story.”

Emmerdale, ITV